The Company is principally an investment holding company with subsidiaries, which are principally involved in the designing, manufacturing and trading of electrical wiring accessories & related electrical products.

UMSE is both an OEM and OBM manufacturer. UMSE’s OBM products carry the UMS® and neiken® labels and cater for the industrial, residential and commercial sectors. The UMS® product range are sold in Malaysia and in 26 other countries worldwide including countries in the Middle East and Africa, Brunei and Singapore whereas the neiken® product range are sold mainly in the overseas markets. UMSE also carries out OEM services.

As a testimony of UMSE’s achievements and contribution to the electrical and electronics industry, UMSE was a recipient of several awards such as the ‘Certificate of Achievement Enterprise 50’ awarded by Andersen Consulting and the Small and Medium Industries Development Corporation (SMIDEC) in 1999, ‘SIRIM’ Customer of the Year 2002′ in 2002 as well as the ‘Golden Bull Award 2003’ and ‘Golden Bull Award 2004’ by Nanyang Siang Pau.