Slimline Signal Line Protectors

Process Control Protection

Novaris SL range provides surge protection for most twisted pair signaling schemes. Ideal for the protection of PLCs, fire and security systems, telecommunications and telemetry systems, railway signaling, SCADA and other industrial monitoring and control equipment.

Multistage Failsafe Design

A high energy gas discharge tube (GDT) as primary protection plus series impedance and secondary components provide very robust surge protection with high transient suppression offering low let-through voltages.

Two Different Earthing Options

With two different base options the SL protectors offer either direct earthing via DIN rail, for the most effective, low impedance earth connection (-G base) or a connection via GDT to the DIN rail, offering isolation under normal conditions and equipotential bonding during a surge (-EC90 base).

Slimline Pluggable Modules

The plug-in design provides simple and rapid replacement and testing – no rewiring needed. This also provides a convenient method of field equipment isolation if required.

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