Hybrid Spark Gap Arresters

Use Hybrid Spark Gap high energy surge diverters for point of entry protection at main switchboards where grid instability is an issue.

Novaris hybrid surge diverters are designed to protect electrical equipment against direct and induced transient overvoltage caused by lightning and temporary overvoltage on AC power supply circuits. Novaris surge diverters suit TN-C, TN-S, TN-C-S (MEN), TT and IT distribution systems. They provide all mode protection against transient overvoltage between phase and neutral, phase and earth and neutral and earth. Novaris surge diverters comply with all major lightning protection standards and are configured in accordance with IEC recommendations.


These surge diverters feature all mode transient protection. Spark gap series with metal oxide visitor is connected between line and neutral. This component continuously monitored for integrity for both overcurrent and over temperature with status display via a built in LED indicator. The 8/20µs rating for this component is 250kA. There is no follow on current. In accordance with IEC61643-11 recommendations (and IEC62305-4) all mode protection is achieved by the addition of fast acting gas discharge tube connected from neutral to earth. This GDT is rated at 100kA for an 8/20µs impulse (option). All Novaris power line surge arresters are housed in rugged and safe metal cases and are easily replaced should this be required. Plastic enclosures are not recommended.

In addition to the LED alarm indicator on each module an external alarm is generated which allows for remote monitoring. This is provided by a clean contact either normally closed or normally open. An optional surge counter is available. This provides a count of surges diverted and has a sensitivity of 150A for an 8/20μs impulse. The HSGx-25-275 is designed for AC shunt diverter connection inside switchboards. Just like any other load it should be protected with an upstream over current protection device. A 63A HRC fuse or 32A circuit breaker is recommended.

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