Autonics Sensors – Compact and Long Distance Type Photoelectric Sensor

BGS Reflective Type BGS reflective type which reduces the influence of background objects by adopting background suppress function realizes more stable and upgraded sensing performance by minimizing error range regardless of materials and colors of sensing objects. Connector Type Cable outgoing connector types guarantee more convenient maintenance and wiring work than cable outgoing types and implement enhanced performance by realizing IP67 the excellent protection structure.

Long distance sensing type
* High performance lens with long sensing distance
– Through-beam type: 15m
– Diffuse reflective type: 1m
– Polarized retroreflective type: 3m (MS-2A)
* M.S.R. (Mirror Surface Rejection) function (polarized retroreflective type) for detecting mirrors or highly reflective targets
* Compact size: W10.6 × H32 × L20mm
* Light ON/Dark ON operation mode switch
* Sensitivity adjuster
* Built-in reverse polarity protection circuit and output overcurrent (short-circuit) protection circuit
* Mutual interference prevention function (except through-beam type)
* Excellent noise immunity and minimal influence from ambient light
* IP65 protection structure (IEC standard) / IP67 for BJ-C connector types

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