Autonics Sensors – Cable Connection Type Micro Sensor

BS5 Series photomicro sensors feature quality performance, convenience features, and a wide selection of models for various applications. The series is available in cable types and connector types as well as 5 different shapes for flexibility in user installation. Other notable features include high response frequency of 2kHz, Light On/Dark On switching and a clear LED status indicator.

* Ultra compact, Built-in amplifier,NPN/PNP open collector output
* Various selection by installation position (appearance: K, T, L, Y, V type)
* Light ON / Dark ON selectable by control terminal/cable
* High speed response frequency : 2kHz
* Wide range of power source : 5-24VDC (easy to connect with various IC, relay, programmable controller etc)
* Dust resistance structure : Protecting by window of emitter/receiver
* Red LED status indication
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