ANV H3Y series Miniature Timer

Universal timer that available on market with smallest size just like a relay, having 2 contact and 4 contact model with multi time range.  An ideal timer for those who looking for a timer to fit in a narrow space.

Dimension: 28mm (H) x 21mm (W) x 52mm (D)

  1. Using CMOS IC, high reliability and stability
  2. 6 timing series available (A, B, C, D, E, F), from 1sec to 60hrs (H3Y-2□, H3Y-2L□, H3Y-4□)
  3. Flicker Relay can select by DIP switch (H3Y-2□, H3Y-2L□, H3Y-4□)
  4. Wide variety of time ranges (1sec to 60hrs) (H3Y-2, H3Y-2L, H3Y-4)
  5. Two output contacts (H3Y-2, 2□, H3Y-2L, 2L□) or Four output contacts (H3Y-4, 4□)
  6. Bi-Color LED provids status indication for power ON and time UP
  7. Compatible with MY2, MY4, LY2 relay socket
  8. Use adapter (Type Y-20) for Flush mount
  9. CE certified
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