ANV Electric

Our Products

As an electrical and controls wholesaler, we sell those uses by housing and industrial. Cables, switches and sockets, LED products, command buttons and switches, metal and PVC enclosures, beacon lights and sirens.

Our Services

Satisfaction of our customers motives us. We strive relentlessly to meet the requirements and expectations of our customers, be it from the product enquiry stage, to delivery, and after sales support. Therefore, the right is in your hand to support us in return of our deeds.

Our Brands

We are agent for Autonics, ANV, Auspicious, Frako, Fuji, GNG, Hengro, Philips, MK, Omron, and Sirena S.P.A.

Other than that, we also have Schneider, Cikachi, Panasonic, KDK, Fluke, Kyoritsu, Sanwa, Hioki, NES, CVS, Terasaki, Relco, and etc…